Thursday, 29 September 2016

Orange Shirt Day

I want to share some information about Orange Shirt Day.

Why do we have an Orange Shirt Day?

- To remember the residential school victims and those that were subjected to the generations of abuse and assimilation process

Why do we wear Orange?

- Phyllis Webstad is a survivor of a residential school.  Her story is the following:

Watch from 16:50-19:40 for her story

Why is this important?

- The last two residential schools to close across Canada were in Saskatchewan
 - 1996 - Gordons Indian Residential School near Punnichy
 - 1998 - White Calf Collegiate in Lebret

What was the experience like for children?

 - watch this video of our Jack MacKenzie SLC students reading Shi-shi-etko by Nicola Campbell

Why were Residential Schools so bad?

- Watch this video and have a conversation with your family and friends to decide:

Some questions you could ask yourself or your family and friends are:

-          What sort of bad things happened in Residential Schools?
-          What was the purpose of Residential Schools? (Why were they created?)
-          How would you or your family react if you had to go to one of these schools?

-          Why is learning about this part of Canadian history important?

Please join in the conversation today!

Wear Orange on September 30th and help us remember!

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